Studio Nazari

Gardaland Resort announces its new live show: Nautilus!


Mar 2023

Gardaland Resort continues to renew itself by welcoming the different needs of its Visitors and offering them more and more memorable and immersive experiences.

Last January at the Gardaland Theatre were held the castings for another great 2023 novelty: Nautilus, the new and engaging Gardaland live show.

Thanks to the creation of a narrative environment that extends beyond the stage, the Guests, even before crossing the threshold of the Gardaland Theatre, will have the feeling of seeing something special and of being part of it.

The Gardaland Theatre with the arrival of the new live show will change again thanks to an impactful scenography, but also through the use of ledwalls, panels and projectors that - using the technique of video mapping - will make the experience even more sensory and immersive.

Strengths of the new show Nautilus, will be the participation of the viewer in the show and the technological component capable of amplifying the surprise effects and the emotional impact.